7Bridge Platform

A Modular approach with a unified view.

A Value Proposition

  • Manage your messaging and your API needs.
  • Reduce development effort.
  • Leverage your current Skills in Java, Groovy, Freemarker and XSLT.

Support When You Need It

  • Technical assistance is always at hand through our support centre.
  • Senior Consultants available if you need them.
  • Bring your projects to completion earlier.

Training your Team will benefit from

  • World Class Training for your Integration Developers.
  • Focus on the analysis not the technology.

7Bridge Messaging

World Class Messaging in an easy to use form.

Simplified Application Integration

  • Easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between different systems.
  • Build and Test your transformations scripts to create a Process Map.
  • Monitor the state of your interfaces in real-time.
  • Review the messages exchanged between systems.
  • Features that simplify the time consuming tasks.

7Bridge API Server

Expose your existing data to maximise your returns.

Unified Data View

  • Expose Resources from disparate data sources in a single Collection.
  • Manage API Versions.
  • Data Mastership issues resolved.
  • Test your API immediately.