Clinical Document Gateway

Built on our 7Bridge platform, the Clinical Document Gateway is our solution to exchange documents with external organisations.

Transfers of Care

  • Convert unstructured letters from MS Office, rtf, pdf and other file formats to structured FHIR Compositions.
  • Automate the distribution and construction of the required FHIR messages.
  • Route documents on to the required GP practice using the mandated ITK3 transfer over MESH.
  • Achieve compliance with national requirement quickly.
  • See our First of Type achievement here.

On Premise

Achieve control and compliance for your organisation.

Control and Compliance

  • Install 7Bridge Messaging plus the Clinical Document Gateway.
  • If you need to extract data from unstructured documents, you'll need our Document Parser too.
  • Configure your related GP Practices
  • Configure your document layouts.
  • Start sending compliant Documents.

Host an instance of our Solution

Achieve control and compliance for your organisation and partner with us to offer a service to the trusts in your region so they can achieve the same.

Becoming a host site

  • Collaborate with your regional Trusts.
  • We provide and manage the software.
  • You provide the hardware and network connectivity
  • Together we provide a service to Trusts in your region.
  • Everyone benefits.